Jack o’ Lantern Sweatshirt

This jack o’ lantern sweatshirt is a really easy diy Halloween costume if you’re in a pinch for time this fall. (Or you can wear it to go pumpkin picking like me).


  • orange sweatshirt
  • black cotton fabric
  • black puffy paint
  • Heat’n Bond ultrahold iron-on adhesive paper
  • a jack o’ lantern pattern
  • iron
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil


  1. Pre-wash and dry your sweatshirt.
  2. Print out your jack o’ lantern pattern. I used this free one from Disney, but there are plenty of free patterns available. You can also make your own in Photoshop or draw it right onto the adhesive paper if you feel extra artsy!
  3. Cut out jack o’ lantern pattern and trace onto adhesive paper. Make sure to place the pattern pieces on the adhesive paper upside down – this will ensure that your jack o’ lantern face appears right side up when it is ironed onto the sweatshirt.
  4. Cut out adhesive paper pieces and place on the wrong side of the black fabric with the adhesive side down. Press and hold a pre-heated iron onto the paper for 2 seconds. Continue pressing the iron down and move it to a new area, slightly overlapping the previous area until entire surface is bonded. Allow material to cool.
  5. Cut out the fabric pieces and peel off the adhesive paper. Position the pieces adhesive side down on the sweatshirt. Press and hold iron for 8-10 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded. Allow to cool. Tip: place a piece of cardboard or heavy card stock inside the sweatshirt before you use the iron. This will prevent the adhesive from seeping into the back of the sweatshirt, accidentally bonding the front and back of your sweatshirt together.
  6. Use puffy paint to line the edges of the fabric pieces. Allow puffy paint to dry, then put on your jack o’ lantern sweatshirt!

Fall Leaf Garland

I saw this on CraftGawker and thought it was such a cute and perfect diy craft for fall. This garland is really easy to make and can be completed in an afternoon. Simply cut out leaf shapes from felt, string them together on yarn, and use to decorate your space for autumn!


  • felt in assorted colors
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • marker
  • darning needle
  • card stock for leaf template


  1. Make a leaf template using the card stock. I used the print-out template provided by 86 Lemons.
  2. Using the leaf template, trace leaf shapes onto the felt using a marker. Cut out the leaves from the felt–make sure to cut inside the line, otherwise marker will show around the edges of your leaves.
  3. Thread the darning needle with yarn and sew the leaves together end to end. Continue to slide the leaves down the yarn as you go.
  4. When all the leaves are sewn together, cut the yarn from the skein and tie off each end with a single knot.

Inspired by 86 Lemons’ Felt Leaf Garland.

Tricolor Throw


  • 2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver in Light Sage*
  • 2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver in Country Blue*
  • 2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver in Pale Yellow*
  • 12.75 mm knitting needles


  1. With 1 strand of each color yarn held together, cast on 80 stitches.
  2. Knit first row.
  3. Purl second row.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until throw reaches desired length (mine reached a total of 120 rows).
  5. Cast off.
  6. Adding tassels:  With remaining yarn, cut 80 strands of each color between 12 and 16 inches long (I used 14 inches). Each tassel will have 1 strand of each color. Evenly distribute 40 tassels on each end of the throw–one tassel every two stitches. For instructions on how to add tassels, I followed this extremely helpful YouTube video.

*Note:  This pattern can be used with different colors or a different brand of yarn. I found that I needed approximately 240 yards of each color for this pattern.

Adapted from Lion Brand Yarn’s Fast Finish Throw knitting pattern.